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The Water is Not Cold

A proposed board book with text and pictures © by Sam Day. 

Illustrations shown here are intended only as sketches, and my be redrawn in any of the styles on the illustration page of this site. 

The text partially follows steps of introducing a toddler to water as used in my years of teaching swim lessons. 


Anya’s family went to the beach. Anya wanted to swim.

“The water is too cold!” she said. 

“It’s just fine for me,” said a fish.

“The water tickles,” said Anya.

“I’ll tickle your toes,” said a crab.

Anya put her feet in the water.

“I like my feet in the water,” said a gull.

Anya saw a seashell under water.

Anya reached for the shell— and then she blew bubbles!

“I can blow bubbles too,” said the clam.

“How’s the water?” said the fish.

“Fun!” said Anya. And so she swam.

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