January 5, 2006 -— January 31, 2006



Life Force
acrylic on canvas,
28 x 34inches

In 2005, the Sam Day Gallery introduced emerging artist Laura Sherrow at our annual Women by Women exhibit. After the success, of her debut showing, we have invited her back to hang her first solo show during the month of January 2006.

Laura’s Bold, colorful, acrylic paintings have the energy of a de Kooning, but with a more feminine expression. Her work conveys both anger and hope.

“I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. My paintings are representative of my own spiritual journey. I love not only the finished product, but what comes through the process of exploring different styles and techniques.” ~Laura Sherrow

Laura currently lives in Northern California with her son Wylie and is attending Humboldt State University.


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