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Annversary dinner 

Painting a 48" x 72", 2008

A dual image of both the ceremony and reception, 24 x 40 inches


Detail of butterflies on the dress! 



Heart Ball 2012

The American Heart Association's Heart Ball 2012,

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington

The Pohl-Drake Wedding, September 15, 2012

The Pohl-Drake Wedding, Bainbride Island, 2012

The Lemon-MacAllister Wedding, August 27, 2011

The Roemer-Davenport Wedding, September 18, 2010

Live Oil Painting

I do oil paintings, live, at weddings and events.

The object of this premium service is to complete an alle prima oil painting during your wedding reception or event. The painting is finished before the event is over.

In addition to creating an heirloom for the couple or guest of honor, this service provides entertainment for the guests as well. During breaks in festivities they tend to gather around my easel. Children watch with more attention than one would expect children to have.

Live video and time lapse images of paintings in action can be seen on my YouTube channel, or this selection on Vimeo, or this one.


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Sam Day Timelapse 1 from Digs Studio on Vimeo.

Sam Day Time Lapse 2 from Digs Studio on Vimeo.



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